LG Orsay Review For Students

Students all need mobile phones to get in touch with friends, classmates and family. They also need more access to information for their school requirements. Entertainment is very much in demand to most students as well.

The Basic Mobile Phone Needs of Students

Most students enjoy sending text messages. They send SMS to classmates, to friends and to almost everybody many times a day. While voice calls still has a demand, text messaging seem to have caught on with the students.

Then students love sending out and receiving multimedia messages too. In connection with this, they love taking photos so they can send them to their friends and even to family. And so they would need a good built-in camera to take pictures with.

For this, they are very fortunate that the LG Orsay is now available in the market. This mobile phone is well equipped with a 5MP camera. Students will certainly have a good camera when they have an LG Orsay. It has great optics and the rest of the camera features are just to die for. Students will really love the photos they will be able take with the Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens and the image stabilisation and the autofocus features. Photo editing is even possible in-camera.

Video clips can easily be taken with the LG Orsay camera. Students would have fun taking 30 frames per second videos. And watching them would surely be fun using the video player that is in this camera as well.
Of course, students need to go online many times during the week and even during the day. The internet capabilities would surely come in handy when on mobile and during emergencies. When one needs to search the internet right away, the LG Orsay will surely have its purpose.

It's also common knowledge that many students love listening to music. For this purpose, the LG Orsay is a good music player. With additional memory, this mobile phone can certainly store a lot of music. But the beauty of this built-in music player is it plays many of the music file formats. One does not need to convert a lot of their music files to be able to load them into their phone. They can use the songs as ring tones. It can also serve as an FM radio.

LG Orsay Review: This Is for Students!

The most that students need is a mobile phone that will serve them at the lowest cost possible. That is why this LG Orsay review recommends this mobile phone to students. Students do not even need to spend ?200 to have an LG Orsay. And the mobile phone deals available for this unit are so affordable. The packages are packed with services like unlimited text messaging and unlimited internet usage among others. If students need a mobile phone that rocks with so many features LG Orsay is the phone to get. And there are certainly many mobile phone deals to choose from. Students will not find a hard time looking for an affordable one. And the services are there to compliment the features that LG Orsay mobile phone is packed with. Again, the LG Orsay is the phone for the most demanding students.

About the Author: We compare prices for the LG Orsay in the UK. You can also read our LG Orsay review and other handset reviews.

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